Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Best Thank You Gift To Send To The Person Who Brought Your Child Chocolate For Christmas - Knowing they are allergic!!!

Warning sense of humour required :

I'm sure my son isn't the only one who received chocolate at Christmas off friends or relatives who KNOW he is allergic to dairy!! Well I came across this website 'Ship your enemies glitter' ! I couldn't help but be immensely curious.. So basically it's an Aussie company who will post lots of glitter in an envelope to anyone you want, anywhere in the world for $9.99 which is roughly £6.  

Now i'm not suggesting you do this - of course not! But how funny would it be to hear your mother in law complaining that she opened her letters this morning and now there is glitter EVERYWHERE and she can't get rid of it! It's even on her face Muhahahaha !

The best part is you never have to tell anyone it was you, or tell them? It's up to you!

Honestly I'm lucky, I don't have anyone in my life that I feel like sending a shit load of glitter to right now but if you do you can check out there website here.

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